The Massive Food Exodus Begins!

Frank Sinatra (and much later the great James Brown) had it right when they sang, "That's Life." There have been a lot of changes in my life recently. Some good. Some bad. Some very, very disappointing. A lot of these changes have been out of my control. It's been a roller coaster summer, and I've been trying to take every curve and dip with a positive cheery attitude. It's been exhausting.

I've never been able to figure out how to keep on smiling when I have to deal with things that I have absolutely no say or control over. It certainly is an amazing talent to be able to take things in stride and not show the world how incredibly unhappy you are with how things have turned out. Personally, I hate relinquishing control. I want to guide the outcome as much as possible. (Here's the part where I scream "It's my life. I'll do what I want.") Sadly, adulthood rarely works out that way. There are just too many factors that are out of our control. 

I've been trying to accept that there are things that I can't control. (Insert Serenity Prayer here.) So, I've decided to focus on improving the things in my life that I can control. Starting with the foods I eat.

Over the past two years, I've been in a phenomenal relationship with a guy that I never would have imagined would've been interested in anything long term. When we first started dating, I was eating well and exercising every day. But as everyone knows a contented relationship means a lot of fat content.

It's cute and all, but really messes with your body image (not to mention the health implications).

So, I've decided (with a lot of support and encouragement from Kenny) to resume the healthy lifestyle I had when we first started dating. For those of you who know me well, that means the triumphant return of the Paleo lifestyle. Of course, for me that means a clean sweep of my kitchen to get rid of anything that would tempt me. Now, I hate wasting food (and money), so I'm going to make sure that we eat everything that's left in the fridge and start Paleo on the right foot. 

As I eat the last slice of watermelon, I must admit that the contents of my fridge have never been so sad. My cabinet's not much better.

I'll be making some pretty creative meals this week. Don't judge them too harshly.


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