On Sunday Morning

Halloween is over, which makes me super sad. I can safely say that Halloween is hands down my absolute favorite holiday. I wait 364 days for it. About mid-September I start to go all out decorating the parts of my house the homeowners association can't write me up for, and the minute October 1st hits the outside of my house is covered in spider webs, ghosts, goblins, and lights. Sometimes, I have a theme too. Still, the best thing about the day after Halloween is the great sales on Halloween stuff.

I had a beautiful Sunday morning with my gal pal, Nia. We hit up Target and Michael's and got some really great deals on leftover lights, decorations, and baking accessories. I got a Wilco silicone pumpkin mold for $2.50 and a pie crust protector for $1. With Thanksgiving coming up, I can't wait to use that mold for cookies and candies!


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