December Blog Challenge

I haven't written in a while. I decided to spend the last month staying as far away from a computer and anything that remotely resembling work as a way to recover my sanity after a fairly stressful year. It was a much needed break.

Still, after all that lethargy, I feel like I need a challenge to whip me back into shape. My good friend, Nia, has become my social media mentor. Since I've spent a large chunk of my adult life avoiding social media I'm a newb when it comes to how all this stuff works. She's basically been my very own 'Social Media for Dummies' resource. (Can we talk about hashtags for a minute? Totally blew my mind when I learned their actual purpose.) She recently turned me on to monthly photo challenges on Instagram. I'll admit wholeheartedly that the idea has me intrigued because of my lifelong courtship with the art of photography. So I've decided to dust off the camera functions on my phone and made my own challenge to both write a blog post and post a photo for every day this month.

I'm proud to present my December blog challenge. (Cue dramatic music.)


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