Tiny Reindeer

Once a month, Kenny and I take Charisma out for a day that is all about her. She chooses all the activities for the day, and we pretty much smile and nod through everything. During the holidays, every Saturday become Charisma day. We go skating, watch movies and eat out where ever her little heart desires (usually the Mac Shack). By the time we get home, she's had enough of us and scampers off to her room to avoid us. Today, things were a little different. She was feeling a little crafty, so we decided to make a few more ornaments for the tree. While she glued herself to stock paper and the kitchen table, I toyed around with another recipe from Simply Sensational Cookies by Nancy Baggett to go with my Day 4 Blog challenge. 

I've come to the conclusion that cookies can truly be mini-cakes that are supposed to be crunchy. This is a great recipe if you love carrot cake but can't deal with the shame of being caught in your PJ's at two in the morning eating a whole cake by yourself. Ms. Baggett's original recipe calls for raisins and nuts, but I'm a snobby purist who just loves carrots on their own, so I left them out on the recipe cards.


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