Brown Sugar Chicken

Every year at the beginning of the year, Kenny and I sit down and discuss what we want to do with our spending money. Usually, we plan for big purchases like road trips for Magic tournaments or maybe a new TV. This year we've settled on paying for a lot of big ticket items like paying off the Rav 4 and going to Japan for our anniversary. (Please dear god let him qualify Worlds, so we can save on the airfare.) With the intense focus we've had on our budget and minding our spending, I've been in a recipe rut the last couple of weeks trying to tighten and reassess our budget this year. It's driving me crazy.

We've eaten PB&J every day for lunch and breakfast has been yogurt or cereal. Dinners are all the same meals every week. I'm suffering from budget meal overload. So today I sat in front of our cupboard staring at the ingredients for our planned meal (stir fried chicken) and prayed to the food gods for something else as I thought "I can't eat that again." I decided to get creative with the ingredients I haven't touched in over a month. I'm super happy with this recipe for Brown Sugar Chicken.


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