Starting Over with a Commitment

I have no intentions of starting this post off with one of those "New Year/New Me" declarations. I've never really been one of those people that believes that starting a new year means I'm magically going to change from being the beautifully sarcastic (albeit occasionally deeply sardonic) butterfly that I enjoy being. I also firmly believe that true personal change should happen when you're ready to embrace it, not when the ball drops for the new year. That being said, I do want to reaffirm my commitments to myself and this trifle of a blog that I share with you.

I'm starting another blog challenge for January. Yes, yes I know I didn't finish last months blog challenge. While I'd fully intended to follow through with my December Blog Challenge, I never fully grasped how difficult it would be for me to complete while working two jobs and dealing with all of the other things associated with the holiday season. Halfway through the challenge I was pooped, so I determined to put it to the back burner in favor of focusing on the training for my new job. I did not forget about it because I think it is a great idea that will help me stay out of a rut when writing. So I present to you the January challenge! (ta-da! Cue applause and adoration.)


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