Wrapped in Bacon

So, I realize it's been a recipe wasteland over in this blog space over the past month and half. Honestly, I've just been super duper lazy this month and let a ton of things fall to the wayside. It's definitely been a much needed break though. I've gone on several tears on Youtube watching Tip Hero, Tasty, and Food Steez videos. I love to cook and share recipes with everyone, but to be quite honest there are a lot of times where I just want to watch other people cook and be entertained. Double plus bonus, watching food porn is fantastically inspiring.

I saw a video for Stuffed Avocado Wrapped in Bacon on my friend's Kaycee's facebook wall and I thought what the hell. I'll give it a try. After eating this, I've decided that the best things in life are wrapped in bacon. It was like eating warm butter but without the feeling of shame a guilt as your family stares at you in horror as you're moaning and making O faces to food. I definitely recommend eating it with toast or tomato slices. The croissant added too much butter to the mix.

I thought wrapping an avocado in bacon would be unwieldy, but it turns out that if the avocado is barely ripe they seal perfectly around the poached egg and are easy to roll.

Fun Fact: Make sure you hug the avocados to the edge of the pan so you can brown all sides. Otherwise, the bacon doesn't brown evenly and is soggy in places (gross). I also recommend not adding any fat to the pan when frying bacon. Trust me the bacon will render enough fat quickly enough that you won't even notice you didn't add any to begin with.


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