Hi, I'm Julia. I'm a socially anxious and very confused foodie in Las Vegas who's definitely lost her way in life. As I near my mid-30's, food and cooking has become central to my life, and I've found my greatest clarity barefoot in the kitchen at 1 am testing new recipes or throwing something together on the fly. 

I've loved food all my life. (My mother can attest to this by the embarrassment she felt when I ate an entire pizza by myself at one of her church functions.) It's not just the tastes and smells that make food important to me. It's also sharing with the people around me and having people come together to enjoy something as fleeting as a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. 

This blog is my desperate attempt to cling to my sanity while I try to figure out who I am and what it all means. It's going to be trial and error, hit and miss, and every single cliche you can think of. The only singular thread to guide me is my love of food, which I want to share with you. I guarantee you I will ramble, so please indulge me and enjoy the ride. Also, please don't judge me too harshly.


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